Healthy Cookies

Insuline & sugar levels controlling products
Susan's Sugar Free Vegan Cookies
Susan's Sugar Free Cookies are delicious cookies for diabetics or those looking to reduce intake of sugar. Taste like homemade, vegan and all natural.
Vegan Almond Rocks N Rolls cookies
Daniel's Rocks N' Rolls & Vegan Cookies
Enjoy our Rocks N' Rolls low fat and low sugar cookies in a variety of flavors. We use my My Aunt Helene's famous recipe of French munching cookies.

Listed in the Weight Watchers Food Companion Book for over 10 years.

Daniel's Vegan Cookies are beyond good! A great selection of flavors, all natural with added protein.

Celiac & Gluten Free Cookies
Enjoy our delicious line of buttery, crispy wafers in several flavors.

For soft baked buttery delicious french style cookies our Madeleines are sure to please.

Child enjoying the St Amour Teethers
Baby & Kids
The healthful teething biscuit for the baby you love. We offer both natural and organic teething biscuits. Vegan, no cholesterol and no artificial preservatives. A better choice for babies and mess free!

Kids love our all natural Dino Bites cookies. Four delicious flavors, vegan and low in calories. Perfect for snack and school lunches. Fun packaging with a selection of Dancing Dinah, Rollo, Rocko and Wingo.

Doggie Bis-Cuties Pet Treat
Your pet will love our line of human grade all natural treats. The "Biscuit Bunch" includes a selection of 13 breeds and 2 mutts.

Packaged in a very "gifty" box designed by word famous Pet Caricaturist Debbie Carman.

Fun story on back of box reflecting Breed's characteristics.

Vegan Power Fuel SKUs
A formidable line up of Raw Bio-Fermented Vegan Protein Fruit & Vegetable mixes make fantastic shakes. 9 flavors available ULTRA FORMULAS based on "The Mediterranean Diet Life-Style"
Paleo Bars with Protein
Live healthy: Paleo + Bars and Basic No Nuts sugar free gluten free bars

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